Zim Friperie it's what ?


ZIM ୧ ‧₊˚ 🍮 ⋅ ☆


Zim Friperie has existed since 2019. I started to hunt for the most beautiful vintage gems for sap freaks like me, lovers of alternative fashion. But above all unique gems.

 I have always had this desire to get into the sale of vintage gems. I studied literature, art history and journalism and I worked in communication in the cultural sector for museums and art centers in Paris and France. I learned a lot but I missed not building a personal project. Now, I'm doing everything so that this dream, opening my vintage online store, becomes my job and allows me to live from it. I want to become the protagonist of Style Savvy!!! ♡☆

 I can't thank my most loyal gems catchers enough for trusting me and embracing all of these gems !


For the sake of ecological ethics and obviously out of passion, I worked on the project of an online vintage store in opposition to fast fashion and fake vintage pieces.

 Today, after having existed mainly on Instagram, my shop finally opens its website! It offers a selection of unique gems from the 70s to the 2010s, selected by hand, through a non-gender classification, but by style: Harajuku . Cybercore . Subversive basics . Gorpcore . Archive . Techwear . Y2k . Futuristic . Goth . Grunge . 90s . Sportwear . Streetwear . Fairycore . Punk . Cottagecore . Bohem . Fancy . Groovy . 70s . Rave . Maximalist . Neutral . Dystopian . Funky . Avant Garde . Anti conformist . Emo . Earthytones ect

Minimize your impact on the planet. Don't buy new shoddy clothes anymore and breathe new life into all those beautiful vintage pieces! づ♡